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SNAP Employment and Training

If you receive SNAP benefits, you are eligible to participate in the SNAP E&T program and begin creating your path to a fulfilling job.

SNAP E&T will help provide you with skills, training and the experience you need to get a job or even a better one if you already work. The program is voluntary, free and does not affect your SNAP benefits.


Are you eligible for the SNAP E&T program?

Are you:

  • Receiving SNAP benefits, or listed as an adult in the same household the same month someone joins the SNAP E&T program?
  • Not receiving FITAP cash assistance or not participating in the STEP program?
  • Able to work when the program is completed?

If you answered yes to each of the above, you are likely able to participate in the SNAP E&T program.

SNAP E&T Services

Benefits you may receive by participating in SNAP E&T:

  • A personal job plan
  • Job Search Training, including resume writing and career planning
  • Job Retention Skills and Support
  • Work Readiness Training
  • Improve basic skills

Services Available for SNAP E&T Participants

To help support you and remove possible problems you have in completing the SNAP E&T program, you may be reimbursed for these and other expenses:

  • Transportation costs
  • Childcare expenses
  • Internet costs
  • Personal care, such as haircuts

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